Music Scores.

Stanislaw Hansel

Musician   Composer   Teacher

Bridge Sounding is a piece inspired by listening to the wind blowing across the Millennium Bridge, which  crosses the River Nene, between Peterborough and Whittlesey, as part of a cycle path which circles Peterborough. The bridge is made out of recycled metals and the railings sound hollow. Bridge Sounding develops the sounds of the bridge through a composer’s creativity.

Stan has composed a number of pieces, for which he has drawn inspiration from the natural and built environment. Click on an icon to play.


Sound Spheres is an environmental music project making an underlying statements about  recyclability and presentation of goods, after recycling, for further public consumption.

The Loop is architectural music, which was composed in 2003 as site-specific to the beautiful and award-winning centre for DeafBlind UK, at Hampton, Peterborough UK. The music is intended to quietly compliment the conference area and the circular shape of the building. Each of the two tracks, or channels, should be listened to separately, but may be changed over at will, just as one would hear a different channel when walking from one area to another in the conference area. Sampled voices of deafblind people who attended a special workshop are heard in many sections. Please set your volume to play quietly before you start.

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